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Working, Living and Playing in Panamá

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Last night was our first big festival in Panamá, The Day After! Check out the lineup: We got VIP tickets, which allow us to skip the lineup and we have a raised area back behind the sound booth. However, next year I probably will just get the regular tickets, since I prefer to be in […]

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Today is finally the day when we will go check out the new subway system, and public transit system in general. The staggering time savings are something I’m really looking forward too, especially since we now have our Panamá Pacifico residency cards and can take a free, air conditioned shuttle bus directly to Albrook Mall […]

So on August 11th I’m moving to Panama Pacifico, a new upstart city 15 minutes out of Panama City, Panama. This is not pictured below. I just like that photo. Please visit this site so I can earn ad revenue.