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Working, Living and Playing in Panamá

Last night was our first big festival in Panamá, The Day After! Check out the lineup:


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We got VIP tickets, which allow us to skip the lineup and we have a raised area back behind the sound booth. However, next year I probably will just get the regular tickets, since I prefer to be in the crowd anyway and as you can see, there were no lineups to speak of unless you arrive super late.

This is a first -- absolutely no lineup at willcall

This is a first — absolutely no lineup at willcall


Body glow painting










Jack Novak was awesome and the first act we saw, Dzeko & Torres (Canadian Content!) were great, and Tiësto did a fine job closing the night out. DVBBS were really high energy. Really liked Conor Cruise‘s set too. We also saw a few acts on the Beatport stage like Art Department , Damian Lazarus, and Michael Scheffler that were really good.

View from VIP booth

View from VIP booth

But I prefer closer

But I prefer closer

We ran into some Canadians from Victoria BC who had come to Panamá just for this concert! They were hard to miss, draped in flags, scarves and body painted maple leafs.

Tonight we’re looking forward to M.A.N.D.Y, Claude Vonstroke, and Afrojack! Any other recommendations to go see tonight or tomorrow, leave a comment!

Now just gotta sleep off this headache…