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Working, Living and Playing in Panamá

Christmas was a little odd this time around, mainly because we didn’t feel the changing seasons as we moved from August to December. Somehow that had the effect of a time warp, and then all of a sudden it’s December and we’re buying a Christmas tree.


See what I mean?

I must say I don’t miss Canada’s overpriced Christmas decorations. We got a 6″ fake tree, decorations, and 6 sets of programmable lights for around $35. I’ve never been able to find even just a fake tree in Canada for less than that.

However I did miss the snow a bit. Just a bit. I guess I miss the idea of snow and the things you can do in it. But I’ve also found some parallels here. Instead of snowboarding, there’s wake and kite boarding. Not quite the same as the freedom of being on fresh powder, but I get by.


Christmas Day from Panamá City

As for Christmas itself, I was impressed by how active people seemed to be during the day. I always remember being basically indoors all day, playing with my new toys, eating candy and drinking spiked eggnog. However here it seems everyone just goes outside and walks around.

Tons of people just out and about

Tons of people just out and about

And now for some more Christmasy and New Yearsy pictures!


Night on Christmas Day


Pre-turkey swim



Kite Surfing at Nitro City. Describing how I dodged that time.


Wakeboard park at Nitro City


Salt water lake with a tow rope










Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

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