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Working, Living and Playing in Panamá

Today is finally the day when we will go check out the new subway system, and public transit system in general. The staggering time savings are something I’m really looking forward too, especially since we now have our Panamá Pacifico residency cards and can take a free, air conditioned shuttle bus directly to Albrook Mall from downstairs!

Albrook Mall is the first stop in the subway, and the last shuttle bus leaves Panamá Pacifico at 7pm, which is a perfect time for going out to a movie, club, restaurant, etc downtown. From what I can tell, it costs less than $1 to take the subway everywhere, but I will see how that goes after we purchase our transit cards. Essentially it works like the Vancouver system is supposed to work (is that actually in place yet, or what?), where you tap your card to enter and tap again to exit. The amount left on your card is then displayed on the screen.

Last week we had our first taste of cage match fútbol! It’s a free public soccer park that you must reserve in advance, and a person comes by with a whistle to move the groups off and on. It’s in great condition too! So tonight we play from 8:30-10pm, and the plan is to catch the free shuttle to Albrook at 7, get our metro cards, then take the subway to Via Argentina. I was happily surprised when I saw that the soccer field is about a 5 minute walk away from the station too. Then on the way back, we will most likely cab it with our buddy Hector (there’s a great story on how we met him too, I will save for another day!).

Fútbol at Via Argentina

Fútbol at Via Argentina


I’ll update this article with how our first experience is on the metro, assuming we make it back!