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Working, Living and Playing in Panamá

This is a warning to all who want to:

a) Get married
b) Move to a different country
c) Import a cat

.. at the same time.



That being said, we made it in one piece, along with our cat, via two stopovers. We left Vancouver at 4pm (6pm Panama time) on August 11th, and arrived in Panama at 1pm on August 12th. Normally it doesn’t take 2 stops, and there are many direct flights, but because we are importing Ripley the cat, we had to use specific airlines that allow cats as carry-on luggage.


So we arrived at the Vancouver airport at 1pm, after visiting World Cargo for shipping our goods (which I will review after we receive them, but I’ll say now it was a very good price for air shipping) and said our good-byes. After checking in we went straight to the wine bar and awaited our flight to LA.

Ripley status was good, we gave her a whole tablet of “Sleepy Cat MDMA” which basically makes her very sleepy and incredibly affectionate. We also used these wet wipes that smell kinda funny to us but keep cats calm. Additionally we put a few familiar things in her carrier.

Went through customs, but had to go through an additional step due to Ripley. It took 5 minutes. Easy because we weren’t staying in the US, just in transit to Panama.

Flight to LA was uneventful. Alaska Air has really comfy seats and tons of room. I attempted to play my 3DS for the first time in 2 years and woke up 2 hours later listening to the soundtrack to the main menu. We watched a show. Then we landed.

Ripley in LA

Ripley in LA

Got through customs no problem, and then realized there was no pet rest area actually inside the airport. One of us would have to venture outside and then come back through customs. I elected to go with Ripley, leaving Denise and all the luggage inside to avoid any delays getting back through customs. I then left the airport in search of some dirt, which didn’t take too long. After that it was a quick line back in with some odd looks that I had no luggage except a cat, to which I simple replied “I travel light.”

Part 2: LA -> Miami, or “The Cat Rage Awakens” is next!

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About To Freak Right Out

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